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Image by Arseny Togulev



Dive in and explore six different action and adventure sport experiences through our year-long Intro to Action Sports Class! 

Image by Jeffrey Grospe

Class is held bi-weekly(every other week) with a few exceptions due to weather and holidays. Choose a day of the week that corresponds with the offered classes for your student's age group.

High school (9th-12th grade) Click here for class info and schedule

Middle school (6th-8th grade) Click here for class info and schedule

(NEW!) Elementary (3rd-5th grade) Click here for class info and schedule


(Tuition assistance available through Niles, Hamilton, Jenison, Saugatuck and Whitehall Partnerships/Virtual Schools)


Click here for a more comprehensive breakdown of partnership costs and policies.  





You don't need a boat to wakeboard! Students start the year with wakeboarding at Action Wake Park, a full-size cable park in Hudsonville, MI. 

To learn more about cable wakeboarding, check out the link below!


Whether you're kickflipping a stairset or just cruising a skatepark, skateboarding has something for everyone. Our students take home their very own skateboard that is included in tuition, so you can skate anytime, anywhere!

Check out our skateboarding coach, Peter Morris in a recent video project below! 

Image by Sebastian Garcia


Go full Mission Impossible mode! Learn to vault, wall run, flip and spin your way through obstacles all in the safety of a gym.

Never heard of Parkour or Free running? Get inspired by the Tempest Freerunning Pro Team recap video!



Image by Joshua Reddekopp


Make Michigan winters a season you look forward to! Whether you're ripping turns down a groomer or learning to hit your first park features, snowboarding for many becomes a life-long hobby. 

Watch Venture Action Sports' snowboarding video feature on Experience Grand Rapids!

Rock climbing

Reach new heights in our Rock Climbing sport segment! Our instructors blend expert coaching with an engaging look into the larger climbing community and culture. 

We climb at Inside Moves Indoor Rock Climbing gym for a mix of bouldering and top rope climbing. Check out the gym site below!



Adventure is out there. In our Backpacking Skills segment, students hone their outdoor  survival and camping skills and learn what it takes to plan the adventure of a lifetime!

Michigan has many beautiful backpacking hikes. Follow the link below to see some of the beautiful options the state has to offer and go explore!

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