About us

We believe that life is better outdoors. There is nothing like the freedom of cruising down a freshly groomed ski slope, the sweaty triumph of conquering a climbing route, or the exhilaration of stomping a new freestyle trick. Venture Action Sports is here to provide students with quality instruction and hands-on learning experiences in an encouraging, safe and exciting environment.

Check out these real Venture Action Sports students progress through our various sports and see what our Intro to Action Sports class experiences through the year!

Watch our founder, Hannah Mennega talking about Venture Action Sports and her passion for snowboarding in this Experience Grand Rapids video feature




Hannah Mennega grew up believing that she was not a "sports person" It wasn't until she was 18 and decided to go snowboarding that she realized she was just trying the wrong sports! She founded Venture Action Sports as a way to share her love of extreme sports with the next generation and to introduce students to the many opportunities for adventure right in Grand Rapids! 

In addition to 7+ years of experience in Outdoor Education and Camp Development, Hannah is also an action sports athlete herself. A sponsored snowboarder and wakeboarder, she spends the time she isn't teaching traveling and filming wakeboard videos. She also came in 2nd in the Pro Women Wakeboard division at the Wakepark World Championships in 2020.