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Barriers like fear of failure, high costs of equipment and passes, and lack of knowledge about local opportunities keep kids from trying action sports. Our Action Sports Explorers class is designed to break down those barriers and guide our youngest students through 6 different action and adventure sport experiences.

Class Duration: Late Aug- Early May

Ages: 3rd-6th grade

Some tuition assistance available through Niles, Hamilton, Jenison and Saugatuck Partnerships/Virtual Schools

Why Action Sport Explorers?

  • Our most cost effective option: Explorers meet every-other week to give students an opportunity to experience a "sampler platter" of 6 different sports. We work with our partner venues to get our students the best group prices and discounts possible. All passes/most gear included in tuition price! (snowboard rental gear and skateboard helmets are not included in tuition price. See syllabus for more info)

  • Learn what you like: Explorers receive 3 1 hour sessions of each sport. This allows kids to "test run" which sports they enjoy without having to commit to an entire season or buying an arsenal of gear. The sports we cover during class are: Cable Wakeboarding, Skateboarding, Tactical Laser Tag, Snowboarding, Backpacking Skills and either Parkour or Skiing (Classes between the times of 10am-4pm will do Parkour, classes beginning at 4:00pm or later will Ski due to venue availability)

  • Quality coaching: You-Tube tutorials can be helpful but there is nothing like personal feedback from an expert! Our coaches provide beginner group instruction that allows each student to progress at their own pace while learning proper technique, following progression steps and building the fundamentals to get students started on the path to success!

  • Community: Never be the loner in the corner of the skatepark again! Learning new sports with the same people all year forms tight bonds between our students (and a lot of our parents too) that often continue far beyond class!


Available classes 2023/24 school year

(Choose one)

Tuesdays: 2:30pm-3:30pm (CLASS FULL)

Thursdays: 2:30pm-3:30pm


Basic Yearly Schedule:

1st Semester:

Sessions 1-3: Cable Wakeboarding/Kneeboarding

Session 4-6: Skateboarding

Sessions 7-9: Tactical Laser Tag

2nd Semester:

Sessions 10-12: Snowboarding

Sessions 13-15: Skiing OR Parkour(Due to scheduling necessity, morning/early afternoon classes will do Parkour, classes with start time of 4pm or later will Ski)

Sessions 16-18: Backpacking Skills

Some exceptions to our every-other week schedule apply due to weather and holidays. Click the link below to review the class syllabus for a more comprehensive schedule and location details.

Morning and Afternoon Class Syllabus:

After School Class Syllabus (Classes starting 4pm or later)

Class space is limited to a maximum of 15 students. Classes with fewer than 6 students will be cancelled and those participants will be invited to join another class time or issued a refund.

Cancelation Policy: If registration is canceled before July 1 2023, you will be issued a full refund with the exception of a $20 administrative fee. IF paying via partnership/virtual school, cancelations after July 1 2023 will not recieve a refund. IF paying the full tuition price out of pocket, cancelations after July 1 2023 will receive half of tuition refunded.

More questions? Visit our FAQ's Page or ask us anything through our Contact Form

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