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Introductory Wilderness Skills is a slimmed down version of our Wilderness Skills class! This 10-week introductory course in wilderness and bushcraft skills is for those who prefer a survey of exciting, hands-on topics like kayaking, orienteering, archery, and shelter building.

The course meets throughout the year at locations throughout the greater Grand Rapids area.

Class Duration: Late August - Mid-May

Ages: 7th -12th grade

Why Wilderness Skills?

Value: The Wilderness Skills class obtains group discounts for skills like kayaking and archery. The course includes all necessary supplies and tools, including kayaking and archery gear, fishing pole and supplies, bushcraft supplies, and shelter-building materials.

Explore: Learners get to experience many wilderness skills over six segments. Segments occur through seasons in multiple locations in the greater Grand Rapids area. Learners will be introduced to kayaking, wilderness survival, orienteering, archery, bushcraft techniques, and fishing.

Quality Instruction: Your instructor has experience in all aspects of bushcraft and outdoor exploration. He’s also a Michigan-certified teacher and is trained in wilderness first aid.

Community: You’ll go on a quest with your fellow classmates, from kayaking a winding river to creating sturdy shelters to handling compasses and building fires. Along the way, you’ll explore common interests, work as a team, and learn hands-on skills.


Introduction to Wilderness Skills classes offered 2024/25 School Year

(Select one of the classes listed below)

Tuesdays 11:00-1:00

Tuesdays 1:30-3:30


Introductory Wilderness Skills Basic Outline:

First Semester:

Segment 1: Kayaking

Segment 2: Shelter building and woodcraft

Segment 3: Orienteering

Second Semester:

Segment 4: Archery

Segment 5: Winter Survival

Segment 6: Fishing

See Full 2024/25 Syllabus here!

Class space is limited to a maximum of 12 students. Classes with fewer than 6 students will be cancelled and those participants will be invited to join another class time.

Cancelation Policy:  If registration is canceled before June 1 2024, you will be issued a full refund (including deposit) with the exception of a $25 administrative fee.

Cancelations between June 2 2024 and the first day of class will receive all tuition refunded except for the $150 deposit.

Cancelations after class begins will not receive a refund.

More questions? Visit our FAQ'S Page or ask us anything through our Contact Page


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